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Employee Engagement and Internal Communications

We are passionate about employee engagement and internal communications and the positive impact this can have on organisations both in terms of the employee experience and performance against business goals.

An intranet or digital workplace can transform internal communications but to realise a meaningful return on your investment you may need extra support.

We can help you to deliver an intranet which is aligned to your organisation’s goals and delivers real value for your people.  There are many ways in which we can help.

Our goal is your success and our services are flexible, we will help as little or as much as is needed.

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“Today’s employees expect their workplace communications to reflect the social media apps and websites that surround their personal online experience. These real-time, interactive tools are compelling, visual and intuitive. Many organisations are investing in digital workplace solutions to deliver a comparative internal experience. What is critical however is that each business focuses on using a solution or tools that adds real value to their business objectives and is relevant to the employee experience and desired culture.”
The Employee Engagement Blueprint.

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We Offer

Strategic Advice

We can work with you to identify the attributes of your intranet that will be most powerful in your business so your intranet strategy is aligned to your overall objectives. 

For example, if you are focused on growing your business through new product development and other routes such as acquisition, it would help to focus on a solution which supports meaningful collaboration, networking, ways to surface innovation and maximise user generated content.

Or perhaps your business has grown rapidly and through a people survey you have found that employees feel disconnected to the core of the business.  In which case your intranet might focus more on the strategic story, with high profile contributions from leaders in accessible formats such as video and online Q&A forums to help increase leadership visibility and drive confidence in leaders and the strategic direction.

Whatever your needs we will help you define clear goals for your intranet and map that into a meaningful and relevant solution by working with all the key stakeholders including your people.

We Offer

From Plan to Launch

We can help you take your strategy and accelerate delivery to launch.  Depending on your internal resources we can help fill the gap and work with you on activity including:

  • Defining a clear roadmap from zero to launch and beyond
  • Engaging senior stakeholder support
  • Engaging employees to represent the ‘customer’ and ensure the site is fit for purpose and has the wow factor
  • Helping to deliver a look, feel and tone of voice which reflects your brand and cultural goals
  • Working with you and Oak to encourage, support and educate those who will generate and manage content to ensure they are fully confident and ready
  • Creating awareness, anticipation and excitement ahead of the launch to maximise uptake
  • Helping you to create compelling corporate content such as your strategic narrative, leadership blogs, videos and more
  • Creating your site structure and framework from the out of the box toolkit that Oak provides
  • Helping you create a communications plan for your intranet which ensures its success well beyond day one – continued support is available on a flexible basis
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We Offer

Extra Hands on Deck

If you have an old intranet or knowledgebase and you want to transfer some of this content to your new site in order to decommission your old tools, but lack resource, we can help.

Someone from our team will work with you to lift and drop the content from the old site into the new to help free you up and focus on more value-added activities.

Whilst we can work with any intranet platform we are delighted to be an Accredited Consultant for Oak which, in our opinion is the most intuitive intranet we have ever seen.

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