Maintain your OAK Intranet

Doing it yourself but want some additional in depth learning and support to help your internal teams? Check out our OAK maintenance packages.

Learning Lounge

£ 2,500 one off payment
  • Built on your intranet
  • Over 50 simple how to guides
  • Over 30 how to videos
  • Ensure users know how to get the most from OAK
  • Empower content area owners

Lounge 4 Life

£ 250 per month
  • Maintain your learning lounge
  • Updates, guides and videos as OAK functionality changes
  • Fresh guides and videos added as new features launched
  • Guidance on what to deploy on your intranet

Intra-Geek On Call

£ 250 per month
  • Specialist experienced support
  • Online and by telephone
  • How to choose the right applets
  • Advice and support on content and approach
  • Step-by-step help if you get stuck
  • Issue resolution

Please note: All prices are subject to VAT

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